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same eye sex toy,Recently, our company successfully passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification of Shenzhen Shenda International Certification Co., Ltd. and won the certificate issued by Shenzhen Shenda International Certification Co., Ltd. This indicates that our company has entered a standardized, standardized and scientific modern enterprise management track.

sex toy ordering,Shenzhen Shenda International Certification Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: SOIC) is a third-party certification body approved by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA). Approval number: CNCA-R-2015-187.

man used as a sex toy,The group leaders attached great importance to this certification activity. The main leaders personally took charge, held special meetings many times, and conducted document reviews many times. During the construction of the standard system, the company strengthened education and education, so that all employees’ awareness of responsibility, management, and quality was enhanced, and they actively participated in the company’s standardization construction; strengthened the standardization of operating procedures, effectively controlled risks, and enabled business management The level has been further improved; strengthened internal audit management, further strengthened the mechanism of self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-improvement; strengthened the revision and improvement of management documents, and improved management, human resources management, financial management, and administrative affairs More than 30 documents were standardized to make it meet the requirements of national and industry regulations, promoted the standardization, procedure and standardization of the company’s internal management, and laid the foundation for the company to achieve comprehensive scientific management.

The passing of the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system certification is an affirmation of our company’s existing management system and product quality. This is complementary to our company’s consistent emphasis on providing the most satisfactory service to customers. We believe that the establishment and implementation of the quality management system will help the company to continuously improve its quality management level and establish a good corporate image and reputation in the market competition, which is of great significance to the company’s long-term development.,top rated anal toys

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Post time: Mar-19-2020