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Tag: cyoc — CHYOA

Unable to sleep you head out for a nighttime walk to calm yourself. Once in town, however, you notice that not everything is as it seems. Something strange is going on as you witness others being hunted down, consumed and changed into rubbery anthro-creatures.

CYOC addition Pussy TF conclusion. : PartTransformation

A subreddit dedicated to themes of transforming people into the body part (s) of another person. Sometimes refereed to as FTP. Transformation into intimate non-living objects are allowed as well, such as clothing or sex toys. 2.9k. Members.

Tag: transformation — CHYOA

The Fall of the Noble Companions by MissHolvard. The heroine known as Brilliant Ruby made a foolish mistake and has been captured by her enemies, her identity exposed. Within days they'll either get her to talk, or capture her friends as they start to snoop around Ruby's secret identity.

Tag: ftm - Interactive Sex Stories — CHYOA

A collector of ancient artifacts discovers a box of strange coins in her storeroom. When given to a person who wishes to excel at a certain skill or talent, they can charge the coin with magic by flipping it.

Doll TG (Part 1) by MaxGlueTG on DeviantArt

Doll TG (Part 1) "BOO!" The big brother screamed, jumping from his hiding spot, his sister bursting to tears right there, screaming, he laughed. "I told you the was a monster in the closet! And it's me!" He said, the little girl ran out crying, leaving him alone.

Tag: futanari — CHYOA

Sex is advertised more in the media, pg-13 now allows sex and nudity, and girl's bulges are more visible due to their massive sizes Doug (you) is a 19 year old boy who goes to high school and lives with his mom and two sisters, his dad died shortly after his younger sister was born, he loves his family in a platonic way only and has never had ...

Shrunk by your loving little sister - Writing.Com

One day you are shrunk by your little sister what things will happen to you what will she do lets find out! Characters: Jack:16 years old,athletic,brown hair,very close to his sister. Ashley:9 years old blond hair;good looking body for her age very sweet loves her brother very much but can be very playful. Molly:The mother Kind of a bomb shell ...

CHYOA Diapered Stories - Foxtalestimes

The site has "13,605 interactive sex stories with 514,236 chapters" that are done in adventure book style with tons of different fetishes, kinks and interesting plots. And the best part is that most of the stories are open for public addition, meaning you can add in your own chapter to a story or write in an entire branch.