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After reading your blog, I decided to do a flame test on the dildo. Within 2 seconds of the flame touching the dildo, it immediately started on fire. The entire thing was covered in light blue flames. To give it a fair chance, I tried it on 2 different spots (the shaft and the base), and both had the same results.

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The core of the Fleshstixxx dildo is made of silexpan, and I lack information about how that material would be expected to react to a flame test. In both tests, though, it became slightly melty/sticky- if you look closely at the video, I was able to leave a thumbprint in the still-warm silexpan.

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You can try a flame test to confirm that your toy is 100% silicone: You should be able to hold a lighter to the toy for a quick spot check without the toy’s surface melting (PDF). We recommend ...

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The Flame Test A common material in jelly toys in benzene which is highly flammable. By taking a flame to your dildo you can check that it is silicone and not jelly.

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Thank you guys for encouraging me to do this video! I was genuinely concerned. Clear sex toys are so often made from jelly, which is a toxic material. Your g...

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Dildology: The Science of Sex Toys. Backstory: I like to flame test my silicone sex toys, and pretty much do it to every item. When the JimmyJane Hello Touch failed my flame test, I first showed it to some other industry professionals and peers at CatalystCon who agreed with my thoughts that it didn’t appear to be pure silicone.

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Flame Test To test plastic toys you can use a bunsen burner and tongs to see if your toy’s material is flammable. If your toy does not burn at all, it’s a good-quality silicone.

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For those that don't know that flame test is when you put a match or some other flame under the toy. Pure silicone shouldn't melt at these temperatures, while a silicone blend will melt or burn. I fire-test any toy I suspect is not 100% silicone.