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Learn How To Use A Dildo For Maximum Self Pleasure

When you milk your G Spot using your dildo, you’ll drag the top part of the dildo across your G Spot as you pull outward. You can then push the dildo against the top part of your vagina (anterior wall) as you slide it back inside.

How to Use a Dildo | Step by Step Instructions with Video

1. Suction Cup Dildos. How to use a suction cup dildo? It's not just for riding or mounting, it happens to be the perfect female sex toy with a built in handle! Hold it tightly, it fills your hand allowing the user the best maneuverability and handling compared to a dildo with a straight shaft.

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If your partner has an STI, you use the dildo on/in them, and then use the dildo on/in yourself without washing it first, STI transmission can occur. Clean it before putting it away.

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You can add some amount of lube to smoothen it and indulge yourself. The same can be done even if you secure or suction it to the wall and back up on it. Pleasure can be achieved both in and out of the shower. Satisfy Your Sexual Desires. Then use the anal dildo. With the help of an anal dildo, you can satisfy all your sexual desires when you are alone.

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You might be inclined to use your dildo exactly how one much have sex with a biological penis—namely, by thrusting it in and out of yourself or your partner at various speeds—but there’s no ...

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Before inserting the dildo, see what it feels like when you rub it on the outside of your body. Use it to massage and stimulate external genitalia such as the vulva, labia or anus.

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Directions: If the item you choose has any plastic seams or sharp edges, use sandpaper or a nail file to remove them first. Then sterilize the item with boiling water or steam. Cover it with a condom, apply lubricant, and then start enjoying it as a vaginal dildo or an anal dildo! The Top 5 Do It Yourself Dildo designs

31 Common Household Things To Use As A Dildo

So What Can I Use As a Dildo Safely…Here’s 31 Ideas…. Ok, here are 31 different things to use as a dildo…. ( Just make sure to wrap them in a condom first) Hairbrush. Electronic toothbrush (which also makes for a makeshift vibrator) Regular toothbrush handle. Handle of spoon. Handle of make up brush. Handle of screwdriver.

How To Use A Dildo (Dildo Thrusting Technique & Postitions)

Rotating the dildo is another great way to use your dildo and a technique many women use. Begin by inserting like normal and at the point of your G-spot begin twisting the dildo for awesome internal stimulation. Rotating the dildo is a great teaser and always gets my pussy aroused and ready to cum.