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How Long Does a Clutch Slave Cylinder Last? | YourMechanic Advice

This can be very dangerous and is a very clear sign that the clutch slave cylinder needs to be replaced. Since your clutch slave cylinder can wear out and leak over time, you should be aware of symptoms that indicate that the failure is happening. Signs that your clutch slave cylinder need to be replaced include:

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Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Clutch Slave Cylinder | Car Bibles

One of the commonest symptoms of a failed clutch slave cylinder is also one of the easiest to spot – you’ll notice that the clutch pedal feels ‘soft’ as you drive. The pedal will offer your foot less resistance than usual, and this problem is typically caused by a leak in either the master or slave cylinder. Difficulty Shifting Gears

Hydraulic Clutch Advantage: The Rekluse Manual Slave Cylinder

Unfortunately, the slave cylinder internals wear out over time. The good news is that Rekluse recently unveiled their manual slave cylinder , which packs a lot of features and benefits into a modestly priced performance item.

Symptoms of a Failing Clutch Slave Cylinder

Because your clutch slave cylinder permits the proper shifting of your manual transmission, your ability to control your vehicle’s power can be affected. A bad clutch slave cylinder could potentially cause a loss of power to the wheels and result in an accident. Many factors can cause wear to and deterioration of your clutch slave cylinder.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Clutch Slave Cylinder ...

Low fluid can be caused by leaks in the system, and perhaps at the slave or master cylinders. The rubber seals inside the slave cylinder can also break down over time and contaminate the brake fluid. Contaminated fluid will appear cloudy or dark. 3. Leaks on the floor or engine bay. Visible signs of leakage is another symptom of a problem with the clutch slave cylinder. If the clutch slave cylinder develops any leaks, fluid will drip down and leave traces on the floor or in the engine bay.


Excessive wear or misalignment at any of the release mechanism components will cause insufficient slave cylinder travel. Check the condition of the pivot, washer and seal attached to the end of the slave cylinder on models with external slave cylinders. If any of these parts are missing, cracked, or severely worn, release problems will result.

Clutch Slave Cylinder - 1994 Ford F-150 | O'Reilly Auto Parts

Over time, the cylinder can corrode, or the seals inside the slave cylinder may wear out and deteriorate, allowing fluid to leak. If your Ford truck has a leak down the clutch pedal on the inside of the cab, or if the fluid in the reservoir looks dirty or dark-colored, the clutch slave cylinder or master cylinder may need to be replaced.

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Reduced clutch wear through controlled actuation. Works with all major clutches available in the market. More info. CPCA Factsheet. ... Slave Cylinder. Clutch Servo.

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have you stripped it yet? piston nearly always fine unless has rusted badly, it's more the bore in the cylinder body you need to study carefully for heavy scoring/wear. That said, wear has to be severe for a new seal to not work - although life possibly reduced.