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How do you dispose of unwanted sex toys? - Chicago Tribune

To reward you for saving the planet, Sex Toy Recycling offers a $5 voucher toward any of its recycled sex toys, which can be purchased online or at local retailers. Another recycler, ScarletGirl ...

Can You Recycle (Used) Sex Toys? - Features - The Stranger

After briefly scanning Google, the outlook seemed bleak. International businesses like Lovehoney in the United Kingdom and Come As You Are in Canada accept (cleaned) used sex toys to recycle, but ...

How to recycle a vibrator sex toy - Electrical appliances

Did you know that you can recycle your old sex toys thanks to the new Rabbit Amnesty service set up by sex toy website Lovehoney.co.uk.. Following the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment ...

Recycling dildos; The serial monogamist - Boulder Weekly

So if you decide to put your used dildos in a box and send them somewhere, RRR, please make sure the address on the box doesn’t read: Bundy Militia, c/o Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 36391 Sodhouse Lane, Princeton, OR, 97721. Dear Dan: I understand that monogamy is not something people are good at — and that’s fine. In fact, most of the people I know are in healthy poly or monogamish relationships.

Sex-toy etiquette, and how to recycle them afterwards ...

If you can’t bring yourself to hand over those old dildos at a special silicone-and-latex recycling facility, WTBOB, and the thought of your boyfriend’s used sex toys clogging your local ...

Proper Dildo Disposal - Newgrounds.com

Most recycling centers will accept used dildos no questions asked. The age of shame is over. Recycle your used and broken dildos before they wash into the ocean and choke a sea turtle to death. Only you can prevent dildo dumping. Do your part; recycle your used dildos today.

Sex toy disposal - adult toys resolved | Ask MetaFilter

The dildo recycling symbol is quite possibly the best thing I have seen all week. posted by AlliKat75 at 4:12 PM on February 25, 2012 [ 1 favorite ] Best answer: Scarletgirl , etc, etc.

How to Dispose of 8 Odd, Seemingly Difficult-To-Recycle Items

Explains the Sex Toy Recycling website: “Our company is dedicated to reducing waste and environmental toxins by providing a creative alternative for the disposal and recycling of used sex toys ...

15 Real Sex Toys That Will Give You Nightmares | Cracked.com

10 Humiliator Gag System. Gags are pretty standard fare as far as sex toys go, but this one gets a nod for thorough insanity. The Humiliator gag system features a number of attachments, including a serving tray, a feather duster, an ash tray, a toilet paper dispenser, a coat hook and, of course, a toilet brush.

Is Silicone Recyclable? ♻️ - And How To Recycle Silicone Products

Helps save the environment. Here is how you can recycle your silicone at your own home: 1. Get your recycling equipment ready. One can take advantage of the recyclable silicone and do the process in the comfort of their own homes. The first step to do is to get on your working gear and search for basic pieces of equipment to process the silicone.